Stakeholder Engagement

To deliver on our propositions, both collectively and on an individual company basis, we engage numerous stakeholders through dialogue and other strategies to discuss our common interests, address expectations and explore ways of adding value to society through meeting the needs of identified stakeholders.

Such stakeholders include shareholders, consumers, our employees, our host communities, customers, governments, the media, farmers, research institutions, multilateral agencies, youth organizations, non-governmental organizations, etc.

Community Support Initiatives

As responsible and responsive corporate citizens, all constituent companies within the BSG identify with the needs and aspirations of their relevant stakeholders particularly, host communities.

In the process, our member companies have initiated various community development programmes to help mitigate identified needs. Such areas of community support initiatives include, but not limited to, the following:

Water projects in local communities and schools
Health facilities
Rural road construction
Educational support
Computer Education
Fish farm projects
Donations to Charity
Sports Sponsorships
Youth Empowerment/Skills acquisition.

Supporting Development of the Agricultural Sector

Our production and marketing operations are making positive impacts on Nigeria’s agricultural sector in many ways. Some of our members have made this possible through substantial investments in the development of high yield hybrids and innovative farming methods. These enable the reliable supplies of some of the needed raw materials for production. One of the local grains that has received the attention and patronage of some companies is sorghum. We have achieved some level of success in this area.

Today, through the efforts of the BSG members to sustain the sorghum cultivation and supply development effort, thousands of farmers have benefited immensely from the programme. Besides, BSG companies help in poverty alleviation among farmers by boosting the quality of seeds sown and the quantity of yield per hectare of land. In addition, the backward integration efforts of the companies have succeeded in increasing demand for sorghum with the attendant multiplier effects. This has made our industry stand out as a corporate leader in investing in agriculture.


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