Aligning to International Standards

As responsible citizens, we show great care in the preservation of the environment. We take steps to ensure that our environmental management systems are aligned to international standards. Our member companies’ operations are guided by these standards regarding sourcing, production, distribution and the ecosystem.

We keenly monitor our water consumption, and champion water preservation and management. Attention is also given to reducing our carbon footprint, protecting biodiversity and improving waste management among other issues pertinent to sustainability of the environment.

Water Conservation

We recognize the challenge of access to potable water faced by millions of people around the world and one of the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), which is to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. In response, our member companies drive efficiency in the use of water. We consume water during our brewing operations, in the offices and for domestic purposes. BSG encourages members to adhere to water conservation policies and programmes to ensure efficiency in the use and management of this resource.

We have different strategies of making effective use of water as a scarce resource. One of these is through progressive reduction in the rate of water consumption per liter of product in the brewing process. In addition, some of our member companies are committed to the protection of water resources, through other water conservation efforts.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

We are actively involved as member companies in addressing the challenges of climate change through the adoption of cleaner fuel technology to reduce our carbon emissions and the environmental impact of our activities. Some of our members are switching from the use of diesel and other fossil fuels to the use of natural gas which is more environmental friendly. Some are also making steady progress in the use of biogas which is obtained as a bye-product of wastewater treatment process. All these are contributing towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the brewing industry.

Wastewater Management

Our member companies invest heavily in wastewater treatment plants to ensure that the effluent water from our brewing operations are properly treated before being discharged to the public drains to pre-empt harm to the ecosystem. Most, if not all the companies today operate with modern wastewater treatment plants, which handle their effluent water.


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